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Tunnustatud ürituskorraldaja Eesti turul!

Our team is specialized in creating events and idea solutions on the basis of the client’s desires and business specificity.

We offer all services related to event marketing – from internal communication to organizing conferences.

An honest relationship with the client is of the utmost importance for us!

we always do what we promised to do and we will stick to deadlines.

Internal communication

Vormime töötajatest meeskonna!
Meeskonnatreeningud, suvepäevad, talvepäevad, jõulupeod ja seminarid. Kõik see, millega saab motiveerida oma inimesi veel paremini tööd tegema.



A conference gives your company an opportunity to talk about your products and services. Bring up the topics, products and services that are important for you and showcase the competence of your employees – after all, it’s you who picks the music



Suurüritustel pakutakse erinevaid emotsioone ja kogemusi paljudele inimeste samaaegselt. We are often contracted by public authorities, the third sector and local governments who place great importance on liability for the work and proper handling of matters. Festivals, Fairs, Concerts



Customer events

Turn a customer event into your company’s marketing event and hit two birds with one stone. Event marketing will come in handy here.


technical support

Technical support by experienced specialists


Strategic event planning

It always pays to discuss various aspects of event planning with people who organize events for a living – Wow Events offers strategic planning and risk audit as consulting services for events.


Our experience

17 years
More than 1500 events

Working hours

On events 24/7
In the office M-F 8AM - 5PM

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You enjoy and
everything is running smooth!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide events with special solutions to corporate clients, using honest communication, responsibility and professional project management to ensure that the result is of high quality and as desired. This gives the client more time to stay involved in their main area of activity.

“Thank you for excellent organizing. I know that this came with a lot of work and effort on your part. Everything worked and the guests were happy. I believe that most of them were positively surprised. Thank you again for all this!”

Margus Veensalu

Chairman of the Board, Empower AS

Our vision

Our vision is to be the first choice of a corporate customer in order to get the best and most suitable event.

“My cooperation with Wow Events has been pleasant, inspiring and successful. Working with Wow Events has been exciting and everything runs like clockwork. They ask a lot from themselves and others and the result is worth it! I would like to thank the entire staff of Wow Events!”

Leili Tatter

Office Manager, AS Glamox

The event was remarkably well organized – everything went smoothly, the food was delicious, the programme exciting and the guests were in a great mood the whole evening. Everyone’s biggest expectations got exceeded. You are all fantastic! Wow Events is sure to remain my event partner in the future!

Janne Laik

Head of Marketing, Olerex AS

Our Team

can handle anything

Tiina Kaldma

Project manager

Tiina pulls the strings behind the stage and considers the result and happy faces at events to be the best motivating force. Tiina enjoys the process of the original idea turning into a polished event with technical planning, inspiring the client as well as our team. Tiina is a big fan of sports, follows nearly all sports broadcasts and gets her adrenaline fix by serving as the navigator in a rally car as well as by riding a motorbike herself. She creates beauty by setting up fireworks in the sky.

Anne-Ly Ridal

Project manager

Anne-Ly does things that Olavi and Virgo aren’t always good at. She’s the one to form connections, sells and maintains projects. If there are any challenges that call for cast-iron nerves and sorting out every last detail then Anne-Ly will do that with no effort at all, having been involved in the team of WOW Events since 2002. Anne-Ly is a true lady whose passion is classical music and who can easily manage singing operetta arias as well as organizing large events.

Marilyn Uusna

Project manager

Marilyn has a lively nature and she directs her energy into smooth organization of the agency’s events. Her experiences include the organization of international equestrian competitions but she handles people just as well as horses. Her wide range of experiences and things picked up from many travels make her a shining individual whose lead makes all tricks that the agency comes up with turn out smoothly. Should the singer bail out of an event, Marilyn can stand in there as well – as a confident singer, she can convince everyone that this was the plan all along.

Olavi Ruhno

CEO / Partner

Olavi Ruhno is the company’s founder, CEO, the one who brought it through the recession and a well-known face on the Estonian market. When Olavi is not in the office, he’s teaching students at Tallinn University. Olavi has a large family at home, meaning that there are no standard situations and his whole life is like a field trip all the time. Olavi recharges his batteries by discovering new places on motorbike or playing the guitar just for fun. The team of WOW Events has also caught the music bug and so we’ve taken part in the Corporate Bands competition, where we received the Audience Special Award, Best Lead Singer as well as Best Marketed Band awards.

Virgo Jaani


Virgo Jaani is the company’s founder and creative manager and when he’s not currently in the office, he’s managing his self-created portals Pulmad.ee, Helitehnikarent.ee, Pulmadeks.ee and ... In a word, he’s a creative person who’ll give you ten ideas per minute when talking to him and you can only hope for enough time and opportunities to bring them all to fruition.

Erkki Šanin

Special projects
When special things happen, Erkki is always there. Erkki’s firm hand can be seen in various projects of WOW Events which need a man who’s good at a thousand different things. Erkki’s job is his hobby, fulfillment and lifestyle where his good communication and people skills are utilized well.

Stokker jõulupidu 2018

Glamox laste jõulupidu 2018

MAN veoautokeskuse avamine

Tallinna Sadam jõulupidu 2018

Hekotek jõulupidu 2018

LIVE 2 LEAD 2018

Maaeluministeerium 100

Networking and Security Forum 360

Esimene meeskondlik Green card maailmas

ETS NORD 20 jubilee

Balti Spoon 20 jubilee

Laadur 25

Asko & Sotka 20.aastapäev

Citadele panga uue kontori avamine

Elering uue peahoone avamine

Ericsson Billing Forum

Children and youth fair “No vaata”

Conference LIVE2LEAD

Genius Sport 10 anniversary

Õdede Liit 95

E-Betoonelement / SWETRAK suvepäevad

20th European Forum on Eco-innovation

Stora Enso Eesti innovatsiooniseminar ja uusaastapidu jaanuar 2017

Mecro Grupi jõulupidu

Viru Keskuse aastagala

Riigi Kinnisvara 15 juubel ERMis

Väo Paas 20 juubel

Wool Moon Jazz concert

LLT uusaastapidu

Norma jõulusündmus

T-Tammer 20.aastapäeva sündmus

Merko Ehitus New Year gala

Ekspress Meedia aiapidu

Merko Ehitus vastuvõtt Kõltsu mõisas

Glamox HE suvepäev

Novartis seminar

Saint Gobain gala

E – Profiil uusaastapidu

EMT gala dinner

Kultuurikatla avamine

Motoshow 2015

Merko Ehitus Eesti jõulusündmus

Viru Keskuse aastagala 2

Glamox HE jõulupidu

Doka Eesti uue kontori- ja laohoone avamine

T-Tammer uue liini avamissündmus

Oilseeds lõikuspidu

CHEMI-PHARM uue logo lansseerimine

Stora Enso uusaastapidu

Nordwood kliendiüritus

Würth 15

Eesti Turismifirmade Liit 25

Security software 5

ÜLE 25

Metal Express 10 ja lao avamine

Eesti Traat 10

Nefab Packaging 15

Saaremaa Tarbijate Ühistu 110

Bisnode Estonia 25

Printall 45

Oilseeds 10 ja hoone avamine

Genius Sport 10 anniversary

Nefab New Year party

Glamox 25 juubel

Euroopa Päev 2011

Swedbank private banking conference

Festival Tabasalu Päev 2013

Leader conference 2011

Janssen Baltics Theatre

Olerex “Avalöök 2016”

KIK suvepäevad

Kalev AS suvepäevad

No Vaata mess

Ingle 25 jubilee

Stora Enso grupi Imavere Saeveski 20. birthday, Clinet event

Stera factory opening

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